People buy from brands they trust, especially brands with whom they consider themselves to have a relationship. Let us help you build email marketing automation programs that focus on building and maintaining long-lasting, profitable relationships with your most engaged customers.


Two Types of Email Marketing

1. Existing Relationship

This is where Email Marketing is the most successful. When you have already asked someone for their email and they have given you permission to contact them, this method of communication can have a big impact. 

There are powerful feature you can use to follow-up with customers of certain products, keeping in touch with a monthly newletters, offering special incentives or challenges. This is about consistent communication for repeat business and can be successful if you do not overwhelm them. 
2. Forging Relationships
Where you "cold-email" a large batch of people from a pre-bought list. Similar to Direct Mail, it allows you to reach a large group of people not currently using you business, and with the right messaging many could become customers.

Due to extensive spam filtering, this is no longer nearly as effective, even if the Emails are well-designed and offer valuable information or deals. It is still possible to be successful, but you may find more success with Direct Mail for acquiring new customers.
Is Email right for You?

Email campaigns are brilliant ways to keep in touch with current customers and potentially find new ones becuase the cost is usually quite a bit less than other methods. Perfect for maintaining relationships without breaking your bank!


If you are looking to keep in touch with your current customer base, Email is a brilliant solution. If you are looking to expand your customer base and sell a lot of products, you will find that a mutlimodal approach including Email & Direct Mail will most likely yeild a higher ROI and greater success. 


Depending on your goal, Email can be the ideal marketing form for you! Connect with Us to discuss the best option for you!

Easy Set-Up. Wide Reach. Low Cost

These are just some of the aspects that make Email Marketing so attractive. With the ability to personalize your content, instantly send a message, automate follow-up actions, and immediately track results. Email Marketing is a powerful tool to help grow your business.