We Manage Your Email Marketing Program
What can be included in a managed email marketing campaign service:

Complete Email Marketing Audit
As dreaded as this word is for you, its importance cannot be overlooked. Get a complete report on how to enhance your email campaigns and make them more effective, in our email marketing audit. Whether you have a properly built list, an engaging copy or properly coded email design, we will give you a detailed account on everything – not to forget – help you make your emails better.

Email Creative (including custom email template creation)
Most business owners lose sleep thinking about how to improve their email campaigns and increasing subscriber engagement. Paragon brings you a team of expert professionals who give their best to nurture your email designs.

Mailing Creation, Setup, and Deployment
Once the Email design is approved, it is coded and scheduled for deployment. We ensure that the preferences of the customer are met, and the brand reputation is maintained. Moreover, timely deployment plays a significant role when it comes to the success of your email campaigns and we strictly adhere to the deadlines.

Email Strategy and Consulting
If you are looking for expert insights into your email strategy, you can consult our professionals and get a direction for your email strategy. Our team stays abreast with the current trends and gives you the best advice that will suit your industry and type of business.

Email Marketing Automation (i.e. nurture programs and transactional email campaigns)
Most businesses are perplexed with the automation of their Email marketing campaigns. Are you wondering how to nurture leads and design great transactional emails? Our experienced professionals have great ideas to help you out.e Email Marketing is the most successful. When you've already asked someone for their email and they have given you permission to contact them, this method of communication can have a big impact.

Email Marketing Automation in Action
Welcome Programs. These series allow you to communicate important information at one of the most crucial points in your relationship with your subscribers.

Win-Back Programs. Multi-touch email marketing programs to re-engage those subscribers who have stopped responding to your emails.

Browse History Trigger Programs. To engage with those subscribers who have browsed through the products or services on your website.

Social Media Leads Programs. To engage potential customers through your social media ads and activity on a variety of platforms.

Cart Abandonment Programs. To bring back those e-commerce customers who have placed items in their shopping carts and not completed their purchases.

Next Logical Product (NLP) Programs. To close the timeline between purchases and drive revenue quicker–by sifting through purchase data to determine trends that show, for example, when a customer purchases product X, they usually purchase product Y shortly thereafter.


Paragon can help you formulate and act on a comprehensive lifecycle email marketing program that aligns with your goals.