Direct Mail Max


Social Media Match

Match your mailing list with Social Media accounts like Facebook® and Instagram® Ads. Increase your conversion by maximizing exposure of your campaign to your mailing list before they receive their mailing.


Informed Delivery

Integration of your postcard with USPS Informed Delivery®. Provides a full color digital preview directly into USPS customers email inbox. Also includes a Rider Image, that provides interactive content directly linked to your website.


Mail Tracking

Want to know when your mail is delivered?

State-of-the-art mail tracking feature provides secure access to essential postal delivery data fully integrated with Google Maps.


Online Follow Up

Get access to Google® Display network and direct prospects back to your website with Online Follow Up.


Social Media Follow Up

Integration of Social Media Ads on Facebook® and Instagram® for the entire 30-day campaign. Your targeted mailing list will receive ad directly into their Newsfeed, where they are more likely to interact and view the ad.


Call and Text Tracking

Get access to full demographic data and recordings of every call you’ve received as a result of your direct mail campaign. Downloadable reports and tracking information displayed on Google Maps.


Personalized QR Codes

Maximize Engagement with static or personalized QR codes. Increase and track the responses through a real time reporting dashboard.


Lead Match

Track and record all website visitors during your 30 day campaign. Match visitors to the mailing list to track effectiveness, and also find out who was not on the list.